Euphoria™ Nail Services

Las Vegas Spa PedicureOur nail treatments are designed for the care and health of your hands and feet. Let Euphoria Salon & Day Spas help you discover your ideal color and nail design. Our professionals are skilled in artificial nail techniques and maintenance as well as stimulating natural nail growth.

Some of many services offered at Euphoria Salons

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Salon Manicure

A cosmetic trimming and shaping of the fingernails and cuticles, a full hand massage, and application of your choice of polish.  $20

Salon Pedicure

This beauty treatment for the toenails and cuticles includes smoothing foot calluses, a full foot massage and application of your choice of polish.  $40

Spa Manicure

Improve the overall appearance of forearms, hands and nails with treatments designed to renew, soften and hydrate the skin – exfoliation, shaping and trimming fingernails and cuticles, full hand and forearm massage, paraffin dip and application of your choice of polish.  $30

Spa Pedicure

Rejuvenate the feet and lower legs, improve skin renewal, softness and hydration. Includes exfoliation and mask, toenail and cuticle trimming, smoothing calluses, full foot and lower leg massage, paraffin dip and application of your choice of polish. $60

Paraffin Treatment Hands / Feet

Open pores and increases circulation with heated paraffin wax, soothing the skin on your hands and feet – giving them a soft and radiant glow.  Hands $15  Feet $20


Create a protective layer over your natural nails for length and strength. Acrylics are applied using a liquid monomer and a powder polymer over your natural nails – creating a perfect canvas for applying nail color.  Full Set $55  Fills $35

French Polish

Ever popular for its sophisticated clean look and style versatility, this polish treatment includes a base applied to the nails, followed by the application of a pale pink, nude, or neutral tone polish. The tip of the nail is polished with an opaque white lacquer and then finished to a gorgeous luster with a transparent top coat.  $5

Pinks & Whites

Appropriate for both formal and everyday styles, pink & white nails are also known as French tips. Designed to replicate the natural nail, the look is typically achieved by adding or sculpting a plastic tip to the nail and covering it in white and pink acrylic powder and/or gel.  Full Set $55  Fills $40

Gel Polish

Gel is the latest polish formula that boasts a high-gloss finish and superior resilience to chipping and fading. Similar to traditional polish application, there is a base coat, color and top coat. Each coat has to be cured under ultraviolet (UV) light for two to three minutes, and feels like a natural nail polish. Best of all, gel polish is dry immediately upon completion of the service – and lasts up to 2 weeks.  $20

Polish Change

Nails look great but you’re ready for a different color? Refresh your nails with the removal of old polish and application of a new polish color of your choice.  $15

Soak Off

For safe, gentle and easy removal of acrylic or gel, the soak off service loosens adhesives and completely removes all traces of product to reveal your natural nails.  $25